Multi-Currency VISA Infinite

Premium class VISA Infinite multi-currency card of “Unibank” can be issued in the frameworks of Unibank Privé program.

Visa premium cards open the door for their holders to a world of beneficial and pleasant privileges at home and in more than 200 countries of the world.

The special program of privileges for Visa premium cardholders involves more than 20 000 partners all over the world. When paying with a Visa premium card, special offers, bonuses and special prices are there for clients to be expressed in the form of discounts, complements a higher class of service or some other advantages.

Becoming a VISA Infinite premium cardholder in the frameworks of Unibank Privé program, clients get an access to a round-the-clock service and are always surrounded by the highest level of service.

Using a multi-currency card allows its holder to manage accounts in AMD, USD or EUR at the same time. At the time of a payment an authorization in the currency of the relevant account takes place in case the currency of operation is the same as that of one of the accounts.

Unibank’s VISA Infinite card is convenient and beneficial to save, accumule or withdraw money, as well as to pay for goods and services.

Possibilities of premium cards include:  

  • Personal round-the-clock service
  • Medical and legal support
  • Reservation of hotels, air-tickets reservation, car rental
  • Travel insurance, support in extreme situations anywhere in the world
  • Concierge services
  • Discounts and special offers
  • Interest accrual on the minimum balance of own funds

SMS and Email notifications

It’s free of charge for VISA Infinite premium cardholders to have up to 3 additional cards for their family members attached to their card account. Limit per each card is fixed on individual basis. All the additional cards include a set of privileges offered to Privé clients including personal manager services, a round-the-clock service, a medical and legal support, insurance and concierge services.

SMS banking

The Bank offers its cardholders an SMS-banking service, that allows to control cash flow on the card account. Information about the account balance and all the operations carried out with the card in real time will be sent to the client’s mobile phone in the form of an sms –message, including:

  • Receipt and withdrawal of funds
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Payment for goods and services, payments made on internet
  • Payment for service via the ATM-s of the Bank
  • Cash transactions

SMS information service is available in any point on the world with an extended coverage area of mobile connection operator, roaming inclusive, thus increasing the security of banking cards usage. The Bank also sends notifications about card transactions via email. The service is free of charge on condition that clients sign the relevant application.

- of the Bank in case you have questions while making card transactions: +374-10-555-385; +7-958-799-72-94 to make a mobile call to the Bank if you are on the territory of the RF.
- for advice on cards issued by the Bank:+374-55-901-051; +7-958-799-83-21

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