International insurance policy

Unibank Privé clients have an access to a special package of services and to the privileges of Visa Payment System

  • Global round-the-clock (24/7) customer service all over the world for the cardholders,
  • International medical and information support for travelling cardholders- medical advice on the phone, contacting a doctor, information on vaccination and health institutions in the destination country,
  • Full insurance for cardholders and their companions during the trip- the amount of insurance coverage is up to USD 1 million for the cardholders and their family members,
  • Shopping protection for cardholders — insurance from loss, theft, sudden damage of goods during 90 days after the purchase.
  • Prolonged shopping protection for cardholders- provision of an additional guarantee period of up to 24 months as a complement to the warranty date set by the producer.

The volume of privileges and he detailed description of service for each category of Visa Infinite an Visa Gold cards should be specified with the personal manager, as well as on the website of the payment system.

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