Privé International Concierge service

You can make the best use of your time and manage it with Unibank Privé international concierge service.
Now all the issued are solved through a call to Unibank Privé: +374 43 004 395

Our job is to organise a high-quality service and provide clients with comfort and convenience.

We offer a wide spectrum of additional services specially designed for the clients of Unibank Privé, totally free of charge. Clients pay for purchased goods, ordered services or reservations only.

Unibank concierge service offers:

Travel assistance

Provision of information on:

  • Information on insurance
  • Ticket reservation
  • Travel organisation
  • Car rental
  • Priority Pass service
Leisure and lifestyle management

Provision of information on:

  • Cultural events
  • Resorts
  • Places of entertainment
Visa assistance

Provision of information on:

  • Necessary documents for visa
  • Assistance in getting a visa to Armenia
  • Organising translation of documents
Assistance in Education-related issues

Provision of information on:

  • Educational institutions
  • Participation in foreign student-exchange programs
  • Language learning in Armenia and abroad
Business services

Provision of information on:

  • Taxation/legislation
  • Financial and bookkeeping issues
  • Courier services
Assistance in household matters
  • Resolvance of household issues

For more information please, click on the following link: Visa infinite

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