«U-Privé» credit line with grace period

Unibank Privé client physical persons can open a credit line with 60 days of grace period. The credit line limit constitutes up to 20 % of the deposit. The maximum sum of money is 10 million AMD, 20 000 USD or EURO.
The credit line is provided by a multicurrency Visa card.

The main conditions of the credit are the following:

The minimum limit The maximum limit
The credit line amount

Up to 20% of the deposit at “Unibank”
5 000 000 AMD 10 000 000 AMD
10 000 USD 20 000 USD
10 000 EURO 20 000 EURO

Credit currency / according to the deposit currency/   

  • AMD
  • USD
  • EUR

Credit line period  - up to 24 months with a possibility of prolongation

Activation commission- 30 000 AMD

Payment policy

Mandatory payment to the card account by 100% of the used credit money up to the last day of the grace period, the last day inclusive.
Pre-term repayment of credit line is allowed without limitations.


In case of non- payment of the used credit line by 100%, one-time fine of 3% of the negative balance is charged.

The maximum period of deciding on loan application

The bank keeps clients aware of its decision during one workday.

The loan is given to a client in a workday.

Other information

Other card services are issued according to the bank rates.

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