Credit line

Սպառողական վարկեր

Credit line

Սպառողական վարկեր



Deposit and bond-secured Credit Line


Consumer purposes

Eligible borrowers

  • Physical persons that have bonds/ deposits at “Unibank” OJSC
  • No age restrictions

Necessary documents

  • Application
  • Passport or ID card
  • Social card or reference on its absence

Credit line limit

Up to 90% of the bond/deposit amount existing at “Unibank” OJSC



Credit line maturity term

By the maturity date of bonds/deposit payment with a prolongation possibility


Bonds/deposits at “Unibank” OJSC

Annual interest rate

AMD- +3.2% to the Bond or Deposit Agreement rate at the Bank, but not less than 13.2 % per annum

USD- +3.2% to the Bond or Deposit Agreement rate at the Bank, but not less than 8.2 % per annum

EUR-+3.2% to the Bond or Deposit Agreement rate at the Bank, but not less than 8.2 % per annum

When issuing loans in other currencies than that of the bonds or the deposit, the interest rate is calculated as follows: maximum interest rate existing for the bond/deposit in the currency of the loan to be issued +3.2%, but not less than 13.2% or 8.2% depending on the currency. Changes in the currency exchange rates may have direct impact on loan repayments in case it is issued in a foreign currency.

Loan interests are calculated based on the nominal interest rate. The actual annual interest rate shows how much the loan will cost in case of making repayments and other payments in the time and amounts set by the Bank. The actual annual interest rate: AMD- 9.94%-18.71%, USD-9.82-15.01%. The procedure of calculating actual annual interest rate can be found here.

Card type

Arca Classic, Visa Classic

Annual card maintenance fee

As set by the Bank’s tariffs

Commission charged for withdrawal

As set by the Bank’s tariffs

Credit Line activation commission


Repayment order

Monthly or at the end of maturity term, based on the client’s choice.
Early repayment is allowed without restrictions.


In case of a failure to make timely payments on the loan interest and principal amount, the customer-related information will be recorded in the loan registry. In case the borrower fails to fulfil their obligations, the Bank has an opportunity to redeem the loan obligations on account of the borrower's collateral.


Annual interest rate calculated in exchange for exceeding overlimit, in accordance with the Bank’s tariffs.

Other restrictions on loan accessibility for consumers do not exist. The loan is issued at the Bank.

The positive factors in favor of loan disbursement are the client’s creditworthiness, availability of a good credit history, compliance with the scoring system and so on.

Factors that may cause a loan rejection are the client’s inadequate incomes, bad loan history, incomplete or inaccurate information or documentation, loan burden (total amount of current loans) and so on.

The Bank provides an Individual leaflet prior to signing the Agreement in accordance with the Regulation 8/05 on “Communication Procedure, Conditions, Forms and Minimum Requirements between the Bank and Depositor, Creditor and Consumer” approved by the Board of the Central Bank of Armenia.

Decision making deadline for loan application

The maximum time for decision-making on loan application is 3 working days from the submission date of all the necessary documents by the client.

The Bank informs the client about any decision on the loan application during 1 working day.

The loan is issued to the client in a day after signing all the necessary agreements.

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